Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience

The SA48HR Film Experience is a local, filmmaking challenge event in the tradition of other 48 Hour Film Events, which are two-day intensive filmmaking experiences.

Teams preregister to participate, and can consist of as many team members as desired, and the event is limited to 10 teams total. Each team is given specific criteria to incorporate into a film, and then have 48 hours to write, produce, edit, score and master the final film. Films are limited to 8 minutes in running time, and may be shot on any format, but must be delivered on mini-DV.

The rules of this challenge are similar to most other film challenges, and are outlined below.

- Each team must preregister, and pay the $35.00 registration fee (payable to SALSA.NET)
- Each team must send at least one representative to the initial Friday 7:00 PM event to receive instructions and film criteria.

- Each team will draw for the following criteria:

- Each team will then move into the specific location they have been assigned to film in
- After production, all teams must deliver a completed film to the Challenge HQ, by 8:00 PM the Sunday of the event. No films will be accepted after the deadline.
- Films will be judged by a 5-member panel, consisting of local industry veterans, critics, or media educators.
- Awards will be presented at a GALA screening following the weekend event.

All films submitted will also be available online at www.SA48HR.com the week following the event.

The SA48HR Film Experience is unique in that most other film challenges do not assign specific locations for each film.


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